Cesa University and a study on Právne Consulting Group

The CESA University, College of Advanced Studies in Administration, one of the most important universities in the country, developed a verification process, analysis of innovation topics and recommendations for business management, on Právne Consulting Group.

This work was entrusted to the professor Victor Hugo Malagón (national and international authority on sustainability issues) and to the students Alejandro Gutiérrez, Felipe Medina, Gabriela Zuluaga, María Paula Isasa and Sebastián Álvarez.

They analyzed the following points from the point of view of the sustainable development objectives:
1. Principle of gender equality.
2. Renewable energies.
3. Create sustainable cities and communities.

Then the study was carried out in terms of the dimensions of the company:
1. Commercial marketing activities.
2. Recruitment activities.
3. Social investment.
4. Enviroment investment.

The recommendations have been delivered to us and we accept them satisfactorily. The university will soon hold a conference on innovation in the firm and will present the conclusions.