Blachere Latin America

Comptroller's National Congress

Memories: Update Course on Regulation of the Public Lighting Service - February 28th, March 1st and 2nd, 2018

Press conference about street lighting transition model.

Training Comptroller of Cundinamara and Valledupar - 35 Mayors.

Cundinamarca Auditors Training, Cundinamarca's Departmental Comptroller.

Public audiencie, popular action - Comptroller of Cundinamarca - Codensa

Meeting with the Deputy Minister and her team.

Final discussion - Certification.

National congress of municipalities. Cartagena - Colombia.

Regional Summit on Inclusive Recycling Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

Seminar technologies for the use

WMP Group from Germany

Town and Territory Housing Ministry Meeting - Revision of Decree 596 and Resolution 276 of 2016

Threat to the recycling population, October 11th 2017.

PRÁVNE's cleaning bid audience in Bogotá

Meeting with Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Trade, Cempre, ARB, ECOLIANZA, ANR and ANDI. Wednesday, October 4th.

National recycling association's forum.

Commission for the Regulation of Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation.

Meeting with recyclers.

BID Quality Award Ceremony. Geneva - Switzerland 2017